UFC on FOX: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos Weigh-in

After the UFC 141 presser on Friday, the fighters for the UFC on FOX card lined up to weigh in for their bouts on Saturday. All fighters made weight. Benson Henderson, as is typical in his last few fights, had to make use of the towel. We were sitting directly behind Clay Guida’s family who had their usual assortment of flags, banners, and signs. I was hoping for a bit more exciting shot when Clay stepped on the scale, but the family was rather subdued. The audience was electric for the last two fights – Guida vs. Henderson and Velasquez vs. Dos Santos. Dos Santos was heavily boo’d while Velasquez was cheered loudly by the partisan crowd. Great crowd for what I would consider a smaller than normal venue for a weigh-in event. Here are the selects.

Special thanks to my wife Jody for assisting me with this shoot and keeping the fish-eye at the ready when I needed it.

UFC on FOX Weigh-in – Images by Joshua Hedges

UFC 141 Announcement Press Conference

I’ve been away for a few days, so I apologize for the lack of posts. This is the first of three for tonight that will get you caught up on my work from last week.

UFC fans got their first public glimpse of Alistair Overeem at the UFC 141 announcement presser that took place in liu of the normal Q&A session at the UFC on FOX weigh-in last Friday in Santa Monica, California.

The event was short-lived and nothing interesting of note came out of it. But, nonetheless, there were a few cool photos. Brock Lesnar definitely looks to be perfectly healthy and training hard. Overeem, as always, looks like a towering beast. Here are the selects

UFC 141 Press Conference – Images by Joshua Hedges