UFC on Fox Presser

We drove over to the Staples Center today to cover the UFC on Fox final pre-fight press conference for UFC and Getty Images. The event was held outside at the Verizon Plaza, just across the street from the staples center. It was a beautiful day outside and the stage was actually facing towards the sun this time, allowing for a much more favorable light than the last outdoor event (UFC 137 presser).

The stage was also elevated considerably, which was both good and bad. Good because it allowed me to wander a bit without having to worry about getting in the shot of video cameras behind me. Bad because the angle was horrible from a seated position in front. I’m not at all happy with the face off shots, but it’s nothing I could control. The only way to get tight shots was to be up close, and the only way to be up close was from the low position. You can see the back lights in all the shots. Wish they’d mounted them 3-4 feet higher, or perhaps just not used them at all. The definitely weren’t needed.

Anyways, here’s a selection of shots from the day. Full take, as always, available at UFC.com and Getty Images.

UFC on Fox Press Conference – Images by Joshua Hedges