Canon EOS-1Dx Review

Upon returning from Australia a couple weeks ago, I checked my email and found an offer that sounded too good to be true. Amazon had sent me an email with recommendations based on my past purchases, and one of those recommendations was the Canon EOS-1Dx. It was listed as “in stock”. I have had two different orders for the 1Dx on pre-order since February through B&H Photo and Amazon, so I was shocked when I saw this. I immediately clicked through and hit “Buy Now”. Still thinking there must be some catch, I chose the overnight shipping option for $3 more (I’m an Amazon prime member). Low and behold, the next day a brand new 1Dx arrived.

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Sports Shooter Academy IX Gallery

I’ve finally had a chance to sort back through all the photos I shot last week in Southern California during the Sports Shooter Academy IX workshop. Over the course of the four days, I had the opportunity to shoot a number of different events which I had never photographed before. I took it as a challenge, and I learned a lot from the experience. I can’t wait to shoot some of these sports again. There were a number of memorable moments that happened over the course of the week, and I can’t really narrow it down to one favorite event that I enjoyed most. I guess my heart has always been in baseball, but I also very much enjoyed lacrosse and soccer. The track meet was fun too. I hope I’ll be able to cover all these sports again soon.

I’d like to take the time again to thank all the people who made this workshop a success – Robert Hanashiro, Matt Brown, Dave Black, Shawn Cullen, Rod Mar, Myung Chun, John McDonough, Michael Goulding, Wally Skalij, Sean Haffey, Michael Corrado, Christy Radecic, Rafael Delgado, Ron Tonawaki, Sara Moosbrugger, Ian Ray, and Deanna Hanashiro. It was a pleasure to work with you all, and I hope to do so again soon.

Below is a gallery of shots I collected throughout the week. I’ll probably add more to this as I have time. Please let me know what you think.

Sports Shooter Academy IX – Images by Joshua Hedges

Sports Shooter Academy IX update 3

Now that Sports Shooter Academy IX has come and gone, I’ve finally had a chance to let the dust settle. The final day was dedicated solely to baseball for me. We showed up early at Anteater Park on the campus of UC Irvine to get a lay of the land and start setting up remotes. The Eaters were playing UC Riverside again for the second straight day. The first game on Saturday was not incredibly exciting, so I was hoping for more action in the second game. We only had about 5 or 6 guys shooting the game since most people were doing the track meet across the way. This allowed us a lot of freedom to move around and get unique shots. I hung my remote down the first base line, slightly elevated above the top of the dugout and pointed straight at home plate with a 200mm lens. Keep in mind, you should never bank on a remote being your only shot. Never count on it producing something you can use. It’s just an added bonus. Some people the day before setup remotes at the water pool of the steeplechase and that was the only shot they took of the event. The technology allows you to trigger a remote with another camera, so take advantage of that!

Anyways… back to the game. It started out pretty slow. I shot the first 3 innings from the third base photo well, then moved up top with my long lens to get some different angles from in and above the bleachers. The UC Irvine Anteaters, who have their own super fan who was going nuts the whole game, were up 5-2 in the later innings before Riverside stormed back and tied it. The game went into extra innings, so I trudged back down to the third base well hoping for a good shot of a walk-off hit and the ensuing celebration. While I got the shots, I wasn’t completely happy with the angle and reactions. I probably should have stayed up top or gone over to the first base side. But, it was a good learning experience.

After the game, we headed back to the workroom to file our edits and stick around for the slideshow and awards. I had some good conversations with photographers Matt Brown, Mike Corrado, and Michael Goulding about my shots from the game. It’s amazing how much you can learn from just sitting down for five minutes with someone and showing them your shots and talking about them. Seriously, take advantage of those chances and do it as often as you can. If you ever see me somewhere and want to pick my brain, by all means do it! They helped me narrow down my top 8 shots to the final 4 for the slideshow, and I’m very happy with the ones we came up with. You can see those four shots below.

I just want to take the time again to thank everyone who put this event on and made it THE coolest photography event I’ve ever been a part of. Bert Hanashiro, Matt Brown, Christy Radecic, Rafael Delgado, Rod Mar, Michael Goulding, Dave Black, Jon McDonough, Shawn Cullen, Wally Skalij, Sean Haffey, Deanna Hanashiro, Sara Moosbrugger, Ian Ray, Ron Tonawaki, Grant Brown, and all the wonderful sponsors, including Nikon, ThinkTank, PocketWizard, Samy’s, Honl, SanDisk, Camera Bits, LiveBooks, and anyone else I’m forgetting. If you ever have a chance to participate in one of these events, please please do. It is a priceless experience.

Here are my final four shots from day four that were submitted to the slideshow. Stay tuned for a larger gallery of my overall experience coming soon.

Sports Shooter Academy IX update 2

We are sitting in the work room as I write this, wrapping up the final day of SSA IX. It has been an incredible experience and I have met some wonderful and talented photographers over the last five days. I have had the priceless opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best sports shooters in the world. And I cannot say thank you enough to all of the people who have made this workshop happen, including but not limited to, Robert Hanashiro, Matt Brown, Shawn Cullen, Rafael Delgado, Christy Radecic, Wally Skalij, Rod Mar, Michael Goulding, Sean Haffey, Ian Ray at PocketWizard, Ron, Michael, and Sara of Nikon, and a number of other people I know I’m forgetting.

Let me quickly recap what happened yesterday before I get into today. I was scheduled to just shoot soccer with my good buddy Rod Mar who is the team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks football team and Sounders soccer team. I’ve worked alongside Rod at several UFC’s and always enjoy absorbing his knowledge. We headed over to UC Irvine for a 7-on-7 women’s soccer tournament featuring a number of current and former Division I NCAA athletes. The short fields made for lots of action. It was very hard to follow at first, so I ended up just sitting on goal keepers and waiting for shots. This proved a good strategy to get a feel for it. There were a number of diving saves. Eventually, I started feeling more comfortable and started straying a bit and following different players. I also mounted a couple different goal remotes, though I didn’t get any great shots from those.

After a while in the hot sun, the soccer started getting a bit stale so I walked over to the baseball stadium to catch the game between UC Irvine and UC Riverside. I’ve shot some baseball before, so I took a different approach than normal. I walked around various points of the park shooting with my 400mm lens, with and without the 1.4x teleconverter. Unfortunately, it was a very lackluster game and I was really exhausted, so I didn’t make the best shots.

After the conclusion of the baseball game, I headed over to the track meet to see if I could get anything good over there. I’ve never shot a track meet before, and can’t really say I’ve ever wanted to. After being exposed to it now though, I have a strong desire to go back and try again. The long jump produced the easiest pictures. We had a nice back light later in the day during the finals which gives you a really nice sand splash shot. Of course, everyone wants that shot, so it’s quite competitive fighting for a straight on position. I ended up leaving the men’s final in favor of the women to get a better position. I also attempted to shoot some pole vault and javelin, but couldn’t really find the light I was looking for. the sun was still a bit straight overhead and flat for my tastes. So then, I decided to head down to the water pit to setup a remote for the final event of the night, the steeplechase. Everyone raved about this event, so I had to see what was up. The remote shot didn’t do anything for me, but I did grab a couple of nice frames with a long lens. By the time we finished up there, it was after 7:00pm, so I dropped Rod off at his hotel and hurried back to the Crowne Plaza to get to the workroom and start editing. By the time I finished my edit and had food in my belly, it was nearly midnight. Below are a few shots from the day.

After falling asleep with my laptop in my lap, I got about 6 hours of sleep to prepare for the final day. Today, I just had baseball on the schedule. I went in with the plan to make pictures I have never made before. I strayed way out of my comfort zone for shooting baseball and I shot a lot of stuff very tight. I used a lot of different angles and tried to tell more of a story. Luckily the game had a lot of drama, ending with a walk-off hit in the 11th inning. I’ll post some pictures from that game tomorrow.

I’ll be hitting the road as soon as possible tonight or tomorrow morning to drive up and see my wife and kids for a few hours before hopping on a plane to New Jersey tomorrow night for UFC on FOX 3.

Here are my favorites from day 3 of SSA IX.

Shane Victorino Toy Drive 2011

Yesterday, Jody and I took the kids across town to participate in Shane Victorino’s toy drive to benefit underprivileged youths here in Nevada. For those who don’t know, Shane is the starting center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. He and his wife make Las Vegas their home and they have both done a lot to help out the community in various different ways through the Shane Victorino Foundation. In total yesterday, the drive raised nearly $20,000 in donations and a boat load of toys that Shane distributed personally to local shelters today.

It’s always a pleasure to help out the community, especially when it involves one of my good friends. We can’t wait for next year’s drive.

Below is a selection of photos I took during the event. For more information on the Shane Victorino Foundation, visit their website at and for all things related to the “Flyin Hawaiian”, check out his personal website at

Shane Victorino Toy Drive 2011 – Images by Joshua Hedges

New chapter

I finally got around to setting up my website and have started posting some of my recent work there.  The address, as you may have guessed, is  I’m going to make a concerted effort to start blogging more and posting some of my experiences and work here and on my website.  To get it started, check out some of the stuff I shot recently in Denver at a Colorado Rockies game.  Thanks to my friends at Getty Images for allowing me to cover the game.

Baseball – Images by Joshua Hedges