Canon Flash Gear For Sale

I’m selling some of my Canon 580EX and 580EXII units, and the corresponding PocketWizard Flex triggers to help make room for the new Canon 600EX flash units. Check out my eBay listings for all the info and to bid. I have more that will probably be listed in the next 5-7 days. Click the link below to go straight to my auctions.

UFC 141 Open Workouts Gallery

With UFC 141 coming up this Friday, I wanted to share my coverage from all the events this week leading up to the fight. The first of which were the media open workouts which took place over at the Ultimate Fighter Gym on Tuesday. Only four fighters were scheduled to appear, and of those four, only three worked out. I’ll give you one guess who the individual was that chose not to participate. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the first time he’s done something like this. That wasn’t the only drama of the afternoon though. Due to the shift in scheduling, Donald Cerrone was brought into the gym early to begin his workout while Nate Diaz still stood some 30-feet away doing interviews. Through his entire workout, Cerrone continually looked over Diaz’s way and muttered various obscenities to himself, while hitting and kicking the pads harder and harder each time. Eventually, Diaz left and Cerrone finished his pad work, wrapping up the somewhat abbreviated workouts.

My lighting setup in the dimly lit gym consisted of two Canon 580EX II speedlites, raised to about ten feet high and shooting almost straight across from each other. One was set to 1/8 power and the other 1/16 to create a little bit of shadow. I shot most of the images perpendicular to the lights to further enhance the shadows.

Below is my selection of favorite shots from the afternoon. You can see the full take on Getty Images or

UFC 141 Open Workouts – Images by Joshua Hedges

UFC 138 open workouts

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m across the pond in Birmingham, UK for UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz. After a lengthy day/night of travel, I arrived at my hotel around 9am Wednesday morning. I had just enough time for a quick shower and breakfast before heading downstairs to photograph the fighters during the open workouts. The open workouts for UK based events are typically very low key. This one was no different. A group of 15-20 people was on hand to watch as the main event fighters – Mark Munoz and Chris Leben – as well as a handful of UK based fighters worked out. Most of the fighters didn’t do anything intense, with the exception of Jason “Shotgun” Young and Brad “One Punch” Pickett. As you can see from the gallery below, these two were the highlights of the afternoon.

Lighting was minimal in the small meeting room, so I setup two Canon 580ex speedlites at opposite ends of the mat. I like doing this when I can, because it gives me the ability to control the lighting just by walking around to different spots around the fighter. Want really harsh shadows, just move around so that the light is directly to the side. Want it more flat, just stand so that the light shoots the same direction your camera is pointed.

UFC 138 Open Workouts – Images by Joshua Hedges