Much needed downtime

After a whirlwind tour over the last few weeks, I’ve finally hit a patch of downtime. I’ll be home for a little more than 2 weeks solid before I have to head back out on the road.

I had a great time in Houston for UFC 136, despite getting sick, and I really enjoyed working for the first time with photographer Nick Laham. I believe the collective effort of all our photographers produced one of the best nights we’ve had for photography. Big thanks to Mike Roach and Kari Hubert for a solid set of backstage and atmospheric images. Mike fell in love with the new Canon 8-15mm fish-eye and got some great shots with it.

As is typical these days, I was on the first flight out in the morning after the fights – 6:50 am to Los Angeles and then a two-hour connection before finally arriving back in San Luis Obispo with my wife and kids. We spent the afternoon doing a variety of family shoots at home and at the beach. It was a nice change of pace, and though I was dead tired, I think I came away with some good images. I can’t the majority of them at this time as I don’t want to spoil any potential greeting cards they may grace, but here’s a little teaser. The full gallery will go up at some point on my site.

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